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   2nd, 3rd and 4th Nights


“We Kiss At Sunset As The Crescent Moon Becomes Visible, Hearts Pounding ”


Second Night…


  This is about ten days later…Again it’s late and I’m having a few drinks.  I’ve worked some days, off others but have had contact with you.  A couple of times I got a chance to talk to you on the phone, for just a few minutes.  Time spent talking with you is never enough and every minute a treat: I do savor every second of your time that you share with me and I know I can't hide my complete pleasure whenever I see you in person.  I get excited, giddy even, knowing our paths will cross.  Sometimes it’s when I see you riding your bike, others when we’re together with friends but always I migrate to wherever you are, I can’t help myself.  I wonder if anyone else sees it, but I believe I keep it pretty straight away above board around others.  I want to just swoop you up in my arms, hold you ever so delicately, kiss you gently, softly, but long and passionately. Tenderly stroke your hair, your cheek, treat you like the lady you are.  Damn I do so wish this could be a reality and not a fantasy.


Rodin’s  “The Kiss”


Third Night…


  Another couple of days have passed and you’re still all I think and dream about.    It’s been two days since we were all together. I was able to converse with you and gaze at your beauty across the table, take a couple of snapshots to add to my collection.  Always there is that mesmerizing smile in the photos.  I do so love your smile.  Pictures of you I cherish, but they’re only pictures, not you.  For those few hours you were near me I couldn’t have been happier, but knowing the day would end with you going one way and me another was enough to drive me to drink. Those two and one half hours you were away from the group saddened me greatly but when you came back I felt so much better. I drank to excess, although I was a happy inebriate and made you laugh.  That beautiful smile again, I live for it. 

  You’re busy this week so we’ll have to hold off from our chance meetings while you take your daily bike ride and it kills me, cuts me right through my heart knowing you’re so close yet so far.  I’m hoping our chance meetings will start again after this week.  The only other way to have any contact with you is through the Internet and I find myself checking it several times during the day to see if you’re online. Sometimes we can chat briefly, other times we miss each other but always I look for a sign that you’re online too. I just love it when you respond to one of my messages.  It truly is the highlight of my day when you do and such a letdown when you don’t.  But always you’re in my heart, my mind, and my soul. I’m in love with the feeling of feeling like this and find myself falling truly, deeply and quite hopelessly in love with you.  I adore you and everything about you, hoping, always hoping that my dream will become a reality.  If it doesn’t so be it, I’ll survive, heart pounding whenever I see you but still in control.  If it does happen one day then it was meant to be. 



“We Kiss and Our Hearts Soar”

Fourth Night…


  Another day has passed. I worked outside today; I left you a message to call me if you got a chance but you were busy and I didn’t hear from you.  I needed my fix, wanted to hear your voice, your laugh.  On this day, however, it was not to be.  Maybe I’ll hear from you tomorrow.


  5th & 6th Nights

“Our Longest Kisses Are Always Too Short”


Fifth Night…


  When this new day came, I got to talk to you for about twenty minutes and it was heaven to hear your laugh and visualize that captivating smile in my mind.  Then I saw you were online and we texted for a few minutes and here I want to apologize for being so forward perhaps.  When you told me what you were doing and I wrote, “Wanna get away?” I was referring to the Southwest Airlines TV commercial.  But when you came back with “what do you have in mind?” I saw an opening to let you know my dream, my fantasy, is to spend days upon months with you and only you, so I laid it out there but risked the chance of others happening across it.  You said I made you smile, which, as I’ve written before is what I live for, what I love to do because your smile is so lovely.  So I guess I got a bit carried away and shouldn’t have put it on the message board.  I’ll do better next time.  But:  as I said in today’s message session: not only should you be told how pretty you are every day, you deserve to be told several times during the course of the day.  To go along with that, you should also be reminded that you not only excel in the looks category but are also intelligent, charismatic, kind, caring, talented, graceful, funny, always a lady yet so damn sexy to go along with it all.  You have got to know when you look in the mirror that you are all of the above, yet I want to remind you of it every chance I get so you’ll not only feel good about yourself, as you should, but also know how I’m feeling.  And I believe that hearing it makes you smile because it warms your heart to know you’re looked at in such a beautiful way by me and will be always. The only job you should ever have to do is look good; as stunning as you are you’d never have to work a day in your life. 


“My Fantasy Girl: So Graceful, So Naturally Beautiful”


Sixth Night…


  I saw you today, a total surprise.  We had a few minutes to converse before you continued on your bike ride.  I got to apologize in person for what I had written in the paragraph above but you were okay with it.  Then I got to see your drop dead gorgeous smile and my day turned into a near perfect one.  Near perfect because fully perfect would be you and I spending the rest of the day together.  I just love my fantasy girl!  Then about an hour later I saw you were online and we had a brief chat that continued to make me feel like a love-struck schoolboy once again.  A quick hello, a quick goodbye and you were gone as I snap back to reality.  Maybe I’ll get to see you tomorrow?  I sure hope so.

  In all of this, I’ve never mentioned just how totally sensuous you are for fear of turning you off and away from me.  But now, as I am finishing this, I must put it out there for you to see:  making love with you would be the best lovemaking I would experience with any woman, ever, period.  From the soft, fragrant, perfect hair on your head to the tips of your beautiful toes and every luscious inch of you in between, experiencing all five senses while making love with you would be such a heavenly delight.  Notice I use the term ‘with you’ not ‘to you’.  Our lovemaking would be exquisite; we would meld together as one being.  My eyes, nose, ears, taste buds and sense of touch all working as one for an enhanced pleasurable experience of your womanhood and sexuality: Gazing at your beauty from head to toe, the scent of your natural fragrance so sweet, listening to your shallow, accelerated breathing as I’m caressing your softness while tasting all of your delicious femininity for hours upon hours. And always there are those soft, gentle, but long and passionate kisses. Now that’s a fantasy that would definitely be a dream come true should it ever become reality.


“We Embrace, We Become One, My Fantasy Becomes Reality”


  So there it is, laid out for you to see in black and white, yet I hope my words are colorful enough to make you smile, feel that feel good feeling and know that I hold you close in my heart every second of every day. My fear would be my pushing you away because you think I’m being overly attracted to you and could make trouble for you. Only thing is, I can’t help myself for loving you but I would never let on about this to anyone but you.  You’ve heard me say that silence is a friend, yet I cannot possibly be silent when it comes to you knowing how I feel about you.  I have to tell you how I’m feeling, if I don’t the chance of this fantasy becoming reality is nonexistent. By you knowing, there is always that chance, that one hopeful chance that you would want me as much as I want you and would just cast your fate to the wind for it to be a reality. What a wonderful thought that is!  You are, my dear dream girl, truly one amazing woman and I feel privileged to know you, even more so to call you my friend.  Whenever you see me write or hear me say I’m “thinking of you” you’ll know I have these pages in mind, referring to my secret, my fantasy, my dream of you and yes, my Love, of us.  I have fallen in love with you, Gorgeous, and I’m waiting for the day this dream comes true.    


 "My Fantasy Girl Alone In The Full Moon Light"

Is she waiting for me?

Afterword / 7th Night



  Seventh Night...

  Since this was first written, I have been blessed with having you in my presence numerous times; we’ve had messaging sessions and telephone conversations.  You’ve told me you have felt this bond as I have; I’m on your mind a lot of the time. To hear it from you makes me want to leap with joy, but more so, I want to reach out and hold your graceful, gorgeous self in my arms, gently caressing your smooth silkiness, tasting your sweet kisses.  But then, I awaken from my dream state and realize that it’s not time for that, yet.  I do feel it in my very being that day will come, and when it does, no matter how hard I try, the words I can think of will never convey the joy, the love, the complete and total happiness I will feel knowing we have become ‘us’; not if I speak them or write them would they be enough to express my delight. 

  The time I spend with you is never enough, I don’t want to see you turn and go on your way after only a few minutes, nor do I want to have you call only to have to end the conversation quickly, but I know you must, for now. Seeing you or hearing you, even if only for minutes, makes me feel so wonderful because you have taken the time to reach out to me.  That you would even think of me as someone you’d want to spend time with is so humbling because you are such a lady, so graceful, so beautiful, so kind and caring.

  Just know that when we are apart, wherever we are, whether alone or with others, I see you in my mind, feel you in my heart and sense you have become a part of my soul. I hear your wonderful angelic voice, singing, in my head all day and night. I adore you and everything about you.  I cannot ever get enough of you. It’s a wonderfully uplifting feeling to just be near you, those few precious moments we are together whenever possible are what drives me to want to see another day because on that day I may see you again.  That sight, my Love, of you smiling and walking towards me, and my knowing I will be able to hug you, hold you, kiss you and breathe in the sweetness of your scent is what will always have me wanting to come back for more and more of you, my Genuine Gorgeous Girl, my Stunning Dream Girl, always hoping my fantasy of you and 'Us' will become reality.  I can’t help myself, I do love you so.  I do believe by the few conversations we’ve been able to have we were meant for each other and can’t wait for the day we can stay together.  



"Always Hopeful"


8th, 9th & 10th Nights

"I Never Want to Stop Kissing You"

Eighth Night...


  The troubling part in this whole situation is where you stand currently in your life, where I stand in mine, and whether or not ‘Us’ will ever come to be.  By reading these pages, you know where I stand.  Often I wonder about your feelings.  But then you write things like ‘thinking of you’, ‘miss you’, ‘I’ll see you in my dreams’, ‘I want you to be happy’; when I get to see you for those brief, ever so short one on one meetings you tell me ‘we’re a perfect fit’, ‘what could have been’, ‘I have you on my mind all the time’, ‘there’s so much I want to say’.  Darling, do you have any idea, any idea at all of just how my heart pounds, how I yearn for your company when I read and hear you say those wonderfully uplifting words?  How is it, with all of the men in this world, I have been so blessed as to have you pick me as someone you’d like to spend your time with, should that perfect day ever arrive?  That, my love, is the most touching part in all of this and I am sincerely thankful. I would never, ever, let you down should we be able to become a loving partnership, a happy couple, you and me, ‘Us’.  



Ninth Night...

  I do miss you so very much.  My heart is in my throat as I type this because it's been almost 24 hours since I heard your voice on the phone, about 48 hours since I saw you briefly in person, so stunningly beautiful, so naturally gorgeous, smiling that captivating smile.




Tenth Night...


  Lately, another truly wonderful thing has happened between us: we’ve been able to talk on the phone everyday!  At least during the week we can. Sometimes it is 5 minutes, others 10, 11, even 24 or 25 minutes a couple of times.  I wonder if I’m taking up all of your lunchtime when we talk; I don’t want to seem selfish when you need that time to eat and maybe relax for a few minutes but I do love it when you call and don’t want to hear you say you have to go.  Why?  Well mostly it’s because I know I probably won’t get to see you at all and won’t get to hear your voice again until the next day if I’m lucky.  I wonder if you really understand just how amazing I think it is that you, in all of your gorgeousness, both inside and out, would want to spend time with me, whether on the phone or in person.  I do know, however, that I could make you very happy and perhaps I convey that to you.  I hope so anyway, yet I also hope I’m not being too aggressive or overbearing so that I would push you away, I just want you to know where I stand, how my heart aches for you, all day, every day.

  Every second I'm away from you I feel empty, hollow; even in a crowded room I'm so lonely without you and cannot wait for our day to come; I truly believe it will happen and feel it in my mind, heart and spirit.  Oh, for that day to be this day, this hour, this minute, this very second!  Fantasy? For now yes.  Reality?  Only time will tell.  Through it all though, however it turns out, I’m so very glad we have this fantastic friendship, this wonderful relationship, and that I have this marvelous dream, this delicious fantasy, this extraordinary secret crush on you, my Genuine Gorgeous Girl.



“Truly, Totally Missing You” 

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