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   51st & 52nd Nights

"I Want To Kiss Your Lips"

Fifty-First Night...


Hello My Love,

  This is the first of the next fifty 'Nights' of sharing my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, my fantasy of 'Us'.  Having you call me every day, hearing your laugh, envisioning your smile and your beauty as I'm listening to you sharing your thoughts of what 'Us' could and will be like, knowing you're thinking the exact same way as I am is delightful. Oh Gorgeous, I do love you so!  To know that you, the most beautiful, wonderful woman I've ever known talks of  wishing you could spend more time with me, wants to hold me and kiss me makes me feel so euphoric as to be close to surreal.  But, it really is YOU on the other end of the phone, every day you have the chance and I am the happiest I have ever been.  Truly, completely ecstatic that we're growing closer everyday and I know, just know in my heart, that our day will come. 

  While talking on the phone a couple of days ago I was struck by the fact you thought something was amiss in the way I was thinking or feeling about you.  My Darling Genuine Gorgeous Girl, never think I'd want to end this or be away from you for even a second, there are many pages here that come from my heart, my very being, written to you, for you and about you.  Then today you said "I want to kiss your lips".  My Love, I live each day hoping that day will be the one I get to kiss your sweet, delicious lips again! 

  One day, the sooner the better, I'll be holding you, whispering all of these thoughts and dreams of 'Us' as we explore each others' minds, hearts and souls, spending hours upon hours of intimate togetherness as we discover who we are and why we are so drawn to each other.  Through this intimate love will grow our committed love, one to the other, both together.  Sharing our passion for each other with our lovemaking will be electric:  sparks will fly, there are no words to describe it; 'awesome' is too mild. I just think it's so wonderful to think and feel this way about you, you seem to be thinking this way about me too from our recent conversations and I love you that much more because of the things you tell me, say to me.

  My wish, this night and every night, is for my dreams of you and 'Us' to come true so we can finally begin our journey together, so happy, so in love, Soulmates bonded forever.  Sweet dreams, Gorgeous.


"I Really Want You Tonight"


Fifty-Second Night...


   Just after writing '51' I was able to see your gorgeous self in person for several hours.  You were having a few drinks, as was I, and we were enjoying the evening because we were able to spend time together.  Of course, all the others were there with us; still though, just being in the same room and able to see you, talk to you and occasionally brush against your hand, hug you hello when I got there and then later, goodbye with a short kiss as I was leaving is delightful.  During the course of the evening we were out of earshot of the others and you looked at me and said "I really want you tonight".  If only we could end the night going home together, falling to our bed in each others arms, making love together for hours until, exhausted, we fall asleep holding each other knowing that when we awaken we'll greet the morning with more passionate lovemaking before starting our daily routine.  My oh my, what a marvelous dream of 'Us'!  I do love the thought of our togetherness; I love you and everything about you even more.  Oh, My Darling, I need you in my life more and more every second I exist.

  During the week after seeing you, we talked on the phone everyday and it's heaven to not only hear you and what you say to me, but also in knowing it's really YOU:  you, the most beautiful woman, both inside and out, the most wonderful girl I've ever had the pleasure to know, on the other end of the phone and you're calling because you want to talk to me!   I was able to see you for a short time one evening, we talked, we laughed, we held hands, it was so wonderful, but again such a short time together, but I loved every second of it.  You're so special and I'm so blessed to know you.

  Then I saw you again two days ago.  My gosh, but you were stunning!  Hair, face, nails, dress, shoes, toes, perfect!  Seeing you is one thing, conversing with you and having you tell me you're so glad to see me too is so wonderful but again, I wanted to just swoop you up, take you home and spend the rest of my life with you.  I hope you never tire of me telling you just how much I love you, need you, want you and miss you, never tire of hearing me tell you how beautiful you are.  In my eyes, my mind and my heart, you're the perfect woman and perfect for me. I do love you so much, Gorgeous.  

  53rd Night

"We're Gonna Have Some Time Together"


Fifty-Third Night...


  Three days without any contact with you seemed like three months.  I long to be with you, I miss you, my heart aches for you.  I keep busy to try and make the days go faster, you were constantly on my mind.  I imagined you with me wherever I was: eating dinner, you were seated next to me, we touched, we conversed, we laughed, we shared thoughts and secrets.  As I was watching a show, you were in my lap (I wish!).  As I worked, you were working along with me.  At the end of the day, we showered, we made love, we slept; you were in my arms as we drifted off.  When we awoke, we made more love to greet the day.  Then, reality took over as I snapped out of my daydreams and you were only a fantasy.  In my mind, my heart, my soul, I imagined us together all three days.  I looked at photos of you,  I reread some of these pages, feeling the connection, knowing you too had read them. Oh, my Darling, I wonder how much more of this I can take:  the loving you, wanting you, needing you and missing you  every second of my existence.  But, I know our day will come, so I breathe deeply, sigh a longing sigh for you and keep it positive:  I know in my heart you're missing me too.

  Monday morning came and there you are: first a text, then a call.  You miss me, it seems, as much as I miss you. The call must end abruptly, but I know you'll call back and of course you do later.  A wonderfully long, half hour phone call, all you, your lovely voice, your thoughts, your longing for me, your missing me. We talked about what we did  for three days, we maintained but are so lonely without each other, regardless of where we are or who is there.  We seem to have grown so close, even though we rarely get to spend any time with each other.  You said to me, "We're gonna have some time together".  I am loving your positive thoughts, I continue to adore you and everything about you,  I can't get enough of you.  Knowing you're thinking the same as I am lifts me up, puts me on a higher plane than I thought possible.  I can't wait for our time together, Gorgeous, I do love you so.  Sweet dreams, XOXOXOXO.


I fell asleep last night wanting to kiss you.  

I awoke this morning and that feeling hadn't left.

One day I'm going to want to kiss you and you'll be there next to me.

And that's when I will know what true happiness is.

  54th Night

"Hi Babe.  It's Me, I'm Ready."


Fifty-Fourth Night...


  We had another gloriously long phone conversation today.  Towards the end of it, you said, "I wonder what you would do when I tell you 'I'm Ready'?"  Make no mistake, that one statement would be the highlight of my life, the culmination of all thoughts, dreams and fantasies of you and me, 'Us', that I've had since I first laid eyes on you.  Those two words would change my life and yours for the better, forever.  Imagine: all that we've dreamed of would come true, we'd be together, as we should be, and all of those imaginary times spent together only in our minds would become the reality, the merging of our hearts and souls.  That, my Love, is a marvelous thought.  The moment I hear those two words will be frozen in time for me, cherished by me for eternity.

  To answer your question:  If you were to call me and say it, I would ask where you were, go there, hold you close and tight, then tell you to have no worries, we're together, as we should be and all will be right with us. I believe it and so should you.  If you came and told me in person, I would also hold you and tell you all is well with 'Us', we were meant to be together. The logistics of the reality would all fall into place, the journey we would embark upon we'd just make into the most fun time a couple in love could possibly have.  From finding a place to live to our first trip for groceries or curtains or flowers, I can think of no one else on the planet I'd rather be traveling with than you.  So sleep well tonight and know when that day comes, that magnificent day when you tell me you're ready, I will be there for you in an instant, and remain there always.  That's what Soulmates are all about; I know you are mine.  You're just IN me and I Love You, Gorgeous.

"You ARE A Gift And I Am Forever Thankful"

   55th Night

"When I See You, I Want To Be With You"


Fifty-Fifth Night...


  Another weekend has come and gone; even though it's 3:46 AM Sunday morning I know I won't see you this day so as far as I'm concerned the weekend is over.  It was a treat to see you both Friday and Saturday night.  The conversations were brief with so many others around but at least I got to see you, talk to you.  The phone conversations have all but stopped and I hate it, absolutely despise the fact that you can't call everyday anymore. I live for the day when those wonderful calls begin once again.  In the meantime, I'll just have to tough it out knowing that you too are wishing we could have daily contact once again.  Oh my Darling, how I miss you!  How I miss our conversations, the sharing of our dreams, our hopes, our wants.  I wonder how I'm going to make it through the days without hearing your beautiful voice, your splendid ideas, your fantasies of  'Us' that are so close to mine.  Soulmates, truly soulmates we are, we think so much alike, whatever you want to do is what I want to do too.  Always.  I have told you over and over how much I adore you and everything about you,  I want to be able to truly live it, not just write about it.  I love you and all that you are more than I ever thought was possible for me to love one person, you are one truly outstanding, beautiful, kind and caring woman.  I want to give you all of me, all that I have to give.  If you are able to give me one tenth of how I feel about you, I would be the most loved man on the planet.  I know you'll say "you don't know me".  It doesn't matter that I don't know the woman you know you are at this time, it matters that I know the woman I think you are and how we'll grow together and come to really know each other. Oh, how I wish I had known you so much sooner, so many years ago!  But I didn't so I'll take each day I have with you and try to make every one better than the one before.

  It's the same day, several hours later.  Just when I thought I wouldn't have any contact with you for who knows how long, the phone rings and it's you.  I am elated, joyfully surprised and I love every second I hear your voice, love even more the words, the thoughts, the dreams I hear you speak of.  I tell you how beautiful, how stunning you were last night, perfect in every way: your soft, silky hair, your white/pastel outfit highlighting your lovely face, your smooth tanned legs and your fit and trim little body, your sexy shoes on your pretty feet, so gorgeous from head to toes, unmatched and unequalled by any other woman in the place.  You tell me: whenever you see me you just want to be with me, stay with me.  Believe me, my Love, I feel absolutely the same way about you, it's so hard to keep from giving myself away to others, yet the connection between us is almost telepathic and definitely electric.  The air, the room sizzles delightfully when you're in it and I can feel the passion we would share should we be able to be together.  That's why I stay ever hopeful, always positive, that our day will come.  And it will, Gorgeous. 

I want to hold you in my arms,

Stroke your soft, silky hair,

Kiss your sweet, delicious lips,

Tell you how much I care,

For you, my Love.


And when our day comes,

When our secret is out,

We'll be together always,

I know, I have no doubt,

You'll be forever in my arms.


"Forever In My Arms"

  56th Night

"I Just Want To Be With You Always"


Fifty-Sixth Night...


  This week has been a special one, I've gotten to see you several times and talk with you on the phone, too.  Today was extra special, I was able to have a conversation with you for over an hour.  What makes it triple special are the thoughts and dreams we shared with each other, how we want to be together, how we feel the need for each other and how wonderful our togetherness will be when our day comes.  We talked of our longing for each other and, as in the picture above, how we'll want to hold each other, always, regardless of where we are or who we're with.  I remember specifically mentioning traveling to the coolness of the mountains and looking out over the misty morning as we greet the new day; it will be heavenly also to enjoy the evening sunset over the same mistiness, holding you, adoring you and all that you are, loving every second we're together.  I also remember stating that "I just want to be with you always". 

   My Love, I must tell you once again, I cannot wait for the day to come when I can stroke your beautiful, silky hair, kiss your delicious lips, caress you from head to toe, hold you tightly but gently as we share our thoughts of our togetherness and our love for each other.   A dream, a fantasy for now, yes: so many others taking our attention and our time as we live our lives for them.  We do it without hesitation because that's who we are.  Yet inside ourselves as we think and long for each other and outside when we have the time together, we become one, never to part, never to ever want to be apart.  I am now and ever shall be, in love with you, your stunning gorgeousness, your inner beauty, goodness, kindness, gracefulness and all that is you and who you are.

  I thoroughly enjoyed the day we were together, even though, of course, there were so many others there, I'm happy just to be in the same place with you.  I did manage a hug hello, a touch occasionally and was able to take in your loveliness all day, inhale your beauty as I would any delightful fragrance, drink in your sweetness as I would a fancy liqueur.  Always wanting more of you, but forever having to be cautious so as not to cause you any trouble or distress you in any way.  But, oh, how on the inside I want to sweep you up into my arms and kiss and hold you for hours on end, not caring who sees or what they're thinking.

  The following days I was delighted to see you twice, for a few minutes each time as you were riding your bike and stopped briefly.  We had another lengthy phone conversation and I enjoyed seeing your texts that brightened my day.  How often I have wondered how I could possibly be any happier once the two of us are able to be 'Us', a couple, inseparable, always together, never parting, wanting, needing, loving each other as Soulmates should.  There is nothing else, happiness for me is only you with me, 'Us', forever.  I am truly missing you this night, Gorgeous.


"Happiness Is 'Us' Together Forever"

  57th Night

"Love Ya!"


Fifty-Seventh Night...


  It was such an unexpected, delightful treat to see you; even though another was near I still was able to sit with you and touch your soft, warm hand ever so briefly.  You were stunning, as usual, truly gorgeous, and I could hardly contain myself from gathering you up in my arms and holding you for hours.  I feel so wonderful knowing you feel the same about me, so sad knowing it can't be at this time.  It's depressing knowing we can be so close yet so far apart and I find myself so envious of the one so lucky to have you in their life.  I know still, in my heart, however, that our day is coming.  When it does, and we can truly be ourselves with each other, you'll see all these thing I write to and about you will come to life, become reality, full of love for you, full of all the goodness and caring you are so deserving of.  I know you'll reciprocate with the same to me. Oh, my Darling, those will be such glorious days in our lives.

  The phone call that followed later in the day was another treat and it's so nice to hear your lovely voice and the wonderful thoughts and ideas you speak of when it comes to 'Us', I feel so blessed to have you in my life as much as I do, will be feeling so much more so when we are together, as we should be, Soulmates that we are.  I do love you so, Gorgeous.

  Do you know the exhilaration I feel inside when I get a text from you letting me know you'll be riding your bike in the neighborhood?  It's an awesome feeling, so uplifting, my heart soars with delight knowing you want me to know you're near.  I was on the lookout, up and down the street, hoping to see you, wanting to talk to you, hug you, hold you even if just for a second or two.  But, once again, someone else showed up and we couldn't show any attention to one another, you hardly even stopped.  I understand why, of course, but I'm selfish when it comes to you, I want you, all of you, all the time.  When you started on your way and said "Love Ya!" as a way of saying good bye for now, I felt joy in my heart, always hoping when I hear it from you it's your way of saying 'I Love You' without really saying it because of your situation.  I get it, but I still love it on those rare occasions when you use the word.  I want to say it to you all the time, one day we'll be able to tell each other, over and over, as we share ourselves with each other.  That, my Love, that sharing of thoughts, hopes, dreams and secrets along with the intimacy and passion that will be so electric between us is what tells me we are meant to be together, forever.  I miss you, Gorgeous, I miss you so much.


"Together Forever"

  58th Night

"Our Longest Kiss"


Fifty-Eighth Night...


  This night I am close to being at a loss for words.  The actions of the last several days are so exquisite, exhilarating and delicious, words may not do justice to what I'm feeling but I'll try.  I got a chance to see you for about ten minutes several evenings ago, you were kind of down, you told me you were glad to see me, you needed to see me on that night.  I feel that way about you every second I'm breathing.  I always am glad to see you, want to see you, need to see you.  And touch you, even if it's just a light brush across your soft, warm hand or to softly stroke your cheek for just a second or two.  I close my eyes and imagine what we would be like if we had hours, days, weeks or more to show each other our affections.  That's such a dreamy, euphoric thought.  I wrote about this meeting in 'Messages': "To see you is ecstasy, to watch you leave after only a few minutes breaks my heart."

  I could tell you wanted us to be able to spend more time together but others and obligations made it impossible that evening.  We did have the weekend to look forward to, maybe we'd be able to cross paths at some point.  

  It so happened I was able to see you.  We were in a group, of course, our friends were there so we managed a quick hug hello.  You were exceptionally gorgeous this night: beautiful, soft, silky hair, adorable face,  pretty outfit, sandals showing your cute, perfectly symmetrical painted toes.  You looked absolutely delicious!  The totally stunning package of womanhood, so lovely, so darn sexy.  What a hot time we could have together if we were to slip away for a few hours...Mmmm.

  Later we were together, still in a group.  You offered your bare feet to me under the table, first one, then the other, alternating  them as I rubbed and stroked them, so soft, so smooth, so lovable.  You used your soft, supple and sexy feet to stroke my thighs ever so lightly.  What a turn on!  It was a moment in time I'll always remember: your beautiful bare feet rubbing my thighs, you letting me caress your perfect, yummy toes, wanting me to touch them, needing me to stroke and caress them, loving my fondling them.  That, my Darling, was just a preview of what's coming: to caress you from head to toe, every delectable inch of you, is another one of my dreams of 'Us'.  I didn't want the night to end but it did of course.  As I was on my way home I wanted you to be with me, at home I imagined you went to sleep in my arms.  It was a wonderful night.  To be able to spend several hours with you, even though others were with us, was such a treat.  To be able to talk with you and touch you was heaven and I cherish the memory of you on this night.

  The best, however, was yet to come.  The next day the phone rang and it was your lovely voice on the other end when I picked it up.  You were in the neighborhood, riding your bike. "Where are you?" you asked.  "I'm in the house" I replied, " where are you?"  "Outside your door!"  I opened the door and there you were! You came in and we kissed, the most marvelous, delicious, tasty, lengthy, passionate kiss we've ever had.  We held each other tightly, we kissed again, long, luxuriously passionate, gentle, sweet, warm kisses.  Over and over.  What a delight!  Such a treat, to have you in my arms and kissing me for such a long time.  Your touch, your kiss, your everything is like a drug to me.  I'm addicted to you, just a taste of you and I want, more, more and more!  My Love, I do adore you and all that is you. It was such a long time since our last kiss, I believe we both wanted each other so much we just didn't want this moment to end.  Your mouth and lips, your soft neck, your beautiful face, every part of you I kissed tasted so sweet.  As I looked into your eyes I could tell you wanted more, so much more.  But we know our day is coming and when it does that first time together, I mean really together, has to be just right between us: the time, the timing, the place, the day.  It will be a truly wonderful moment, one to cherish and reflect upon as we repeat our togetherness over and over, remembering, with each time, our first time.  How I hope and dream that day will come sooner rather than later!  Good night, my Darling Genuine Gorgeous Girl, sweet, sweet dreams.


"You're My Addiction, I Can't Get Enough Of You"

   59th Night

"How I Long To Kiss You Under The Moonlight"


Fifty-Ninth Night...


  This was another special night, another unexpected treat.  We were able to meet, with others of course, and spend several hours together.  It was a fun night, it was a full moon lit night and you were just so beautiful, I wanted to take you outside and kiss you under the moonlight.  We talked, we laughed, we were able to enjoy ourselves.  Once again you offered your foot to me under the table and I was happy to be able to lightly stroke and rub your pretty little toes, was excited as you rubbed your foot up and down my leg.  I was able to catch a glimpse of your cute painted toes several times, looking but trying not to stare as to be so obvious but you do have gorgeous feet to go along with the rest of your gorgeous, stunning self.  It's very difficult to have you so close to me and not pull you closer and hold you, hug you, kiss you, show how much I adore you, want you and need you not only on this night but forever.  Always so many barriers, so many reasons it cannot happen right now, yet I'm okay with it because I know you're feeling exactly what I am, Soulmates that we are.  I love you and everything about you, everything you are.

  I was able to spend some time with you a few days ago, I wrote about it in 'Messages'.  You said something that night that set me back a bit, I didn't ask any questions at the time but have been playing it over and over in my mind.  While I always stay positive about how our day will come, your comment about unless there's a 'natural disaster' we won't be able to happen, that is 'Us' won't be able to happen, snapped me back to reality, made the fantasy of our happiness together disappear briefly and it hurt my heart, wrenched my insides for a time.  For a couple of days I've been going to the bench we sit on whenever we have a chance to meet when you're riding your bike, sit and reflect, alone, admiring the view, watching the pathway hoping I'll see you come riding along, smiling  your beautiful smile, eyes shining, happy to see me, wanting to see me, hug me, hold me, kiss me.  You didn't call or text or let me know whether you'd be around or not but there's always the chance you couldn't let me know and just showed up.  So I sat, looking for you, thinking of you, missing you and daydreaming of the day when all of this hoping about our togetherness is unnecessary because we'll never be without each other.  It's the dream of your beautiful self always by my side that keeps me positive.  

   On both days, however, you didn't come riding along, try as I may I just couldn't make you materialize, the dream was just that: only a dream.  So, I got up, looked down the road, whispered to you how sorry I am I didn't get to see you this day and went back to my reality.  But the thought, the hope, the dream and the fantasy of my being able to spend the rest of my life with you is so very strong, you are with me constantly in my mind, my heart and my spirit.  Oh my Darling Genuine Gorgeous Girl how I miss you!  Again my imagination takes over and I dream: to wake up in the morning, turn over and see you in the bed with me, peacefully asleep, so beautiful, so angelic in the first light of day as I lovingly reach over and stroke your silky hair, your soft cheek, knowing you'll awaken soon to greet the new day with me, smiling, laughing, happier than you've ever been in your life because we're together and will spend the day totally focusing on each other is exactly what keeps me so positive about 'Us'.  A dream for now, yes my Love, a dream I'll continue tonight as I drift off to sleep with you always in my heart, a sweet dream of 'Us'.  I hope you'll have the same dream.  I do love you so.  Good Night, Gorgeous. 

"Sweet Dreams, Gorgeous"

  60th Night

"I Never Knew I Could Be So In Love"


Sixtieth Night...


  '59' was written just about three weeks ago.  I wrote a couple of 'messages' since then and have talked with and spent time with you but as usual we were unable to spend as much time alone together as we would have liked.  A couple of times our catchword has surfaced, signs that, to me at least, mean we are meant to be together, now and for always.  What is hardest is knowing, as I've stated several times before, you are so close, within my grasp, my reach, inches away from me at times, so close I can feel your warmth and smell your sweetness, wanting to gaze into your eyes, hold you, hug you, cuddle with you, kiss you, taste you but because others are also near we can't let it happen.  Two nights in a row we were all together, you were your usual stunningly gorgeous self from head to toe.  We were able to converse briefly several times, whenever you got the chance you touched my hand, letting me know you have me on your mind as well.  I love your touch, I love your thinking of me, I do so love you and all that is you.  Another night and again you were so beautiful, we hugged, we talked for a few minutes but others were in need of your attention so I just sat and watched, observed your beauty, gracefulness, caring and kindness for all who came in contact with you.  I love to see how you treat others with so much compassion and consideration.

  In between these nights, however, were many days without any contact with you and these are the longest days I have to endure.  Constantly wanting the phone to ring so I can hear your voice, your laugh;  hoping to get a text, even if it's just a sign telling me you're thinking of me, without either I am as lonely as anyone could possibly be.  I looked for you one night and did get to see you for a few minutes.  I wondered why you didn't call when you said you would, you said you wished we could have the time to talk longer.  I get it, I wish so too.  But from where I stand, a couple of minutes is much, much better than no minutes.  I need you in my life, want you in it as much as possible for now, and forever when our day comes.  

  I find myself dreaming of you constantly, trying to wish you into the room, closing my eyes and hoping you'll materialize, like a gorgeous genie, when I open them.  Yet you're not there when I do open them, try as I may.  I feel you're there in spirit because we are so able to relate to one another on the same plane, we think alike and want the same things in life.  I only wish the fantasy of our togetherness would become the reality of our life as a  loving couple.  

 You asked me the other day if I can live my real life and I told you yes.  It's true, I do go through my day to day routines as I always have, handling what life throws at me.  You are, however, constantly, always and forever and ever no matter what I'm doing, on my mind, in my heart and in my soul.  You are, my Genuine Gorgeous Girl, my one true Soulmate and I'm so glad we found each other.  I want to and will do everything with you when our day comes.  To feel the way I do about you, always wanting you near me, needing you beside me, missing you so terribly with that empty loneliness inside when you're away from me, loving you and all that you are so unconditionally can only mean we were meant to be.

  I've gotten much better about not having you with and near me in the past couple of days because we've been able to connect again on a daily basis and your voice, your laugh and your spirit is not only comforting but also so uplifting.  You are a remarkable woman and I love having you in my life.  To have you in it forever will be a dream come true.  I have to go for now, more to follow...


   I'm back at the keyboard after several hours away from it.  I saw you again earlier tonight (actually last night, it's now early morning), with a group in a crowded venue of course.  You were beautiful, stunning, mesmerizing, so gorgeous.  We hugged briefly but I had no chance, really, to talk with you.  I wanted to tell you how lovely you looked, I couldn't so I'm telling you here.  You are so very beautiful, such a goddess in my eyes.  When the night was over and we said our goodbye that feeling of emptiness took over again knowing you were heading in one direction and me in another.  

    I just remembered a conversation I had the other day with someone.  It wasn't about you and me, of course, but about life in general, about men and women, about relationships.  The person talked about how so many people are seemingly content but actually so very unhappy in their situations, how people are afraid, yes afraid, of change, unwilling to take that step toward true happiness, only because it's easier to stay where they are, to not cause any heartbreak either for themselves, their significant other, children, friends, etc.  This person to whom I was talking was unhappy and stuck in a bad marital relationship, had children, grandchildren, property, joint bank accounts, etc. yet took the steps necessary to be free of the unhappiness and is now with the one true love of their life (although I doubt they are Soulmates).  It was a bold move, not without the hurtfulness of those who felt the need to get involved. But now, a few years later, those who count the most (children, grandchildren, friends) are still very, very much a part of this person's life and share the love that was always between them.  I bring this up only because in order to find the true happiness we so deserve we can't be afraid of the changes necessary to get to where we want to be, where we should be.  The saying "you only get one chance at this life" or "you only go around once" is so very true in our circumstance and I continue to think, hope and dream about how truly happy we could and will be if only we'd be willing to chance it.  I share this only to show you that it can be done, it has been done by others and, if you so choose, we can too.  Because I love you so much I can wait for you and however long you feel it's necessary before I hear you say those two words I am so wanting you to speak: "I'm ready"

  Oh my Love, I want our day to come so much sooner than later, I want to be able to say good night to you as I'm stroking your hair, caressing your softness and kissing you as you drift off, smiling, peacefully sleeping while in my arms.  Until that day arrives I can only dream of having you in my life at all times for all time. I miss you more than words on this page will ever be able to convey.  Sweet dreams of  'Us', I do love you so, Gorgeous.

"Hold Me For The Rest Of My Life"

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