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   61st Night 

"Another Full Moon-lit Night With You In My Heart"


Sixty-First Night...


  This page begins another night, the sixty-first of thoughts, hopes and dreams of' 'Us' as a loving couple.  It's set up a bit differently this time, shown as 61 - 70 even though I've only begun the first night.  That's so I won't have to upload every page on the site when I write another night, only this one.

  I started this fourteen months ago with the intention of letting you know my feelings of then, it soon became an outlet for me to put all that I dream of you out here for you to see and hopefully bring a smile to your face, happiness in your heart and peace in your soul knowing that I'm so in love with you and will always be here for you when you need and want me whether for ten seconds or forever.  The very idea of you needing, wanting and loving me for any length of time is such a happy thought.   To have put sixty nights of writing about the wonders of you and all the good that you are may seem a bit over the top to you but to me it's only the tip of the iceberg, I'll write until the day comes when I can tell you in person as I'm holding you in my arms, stroking your soft hair, caressing your warm cheek, holding you close and kissing your delicious lips.  I long for that day every second I'm awake and dream of it when I'm not.

  Tonight will be another full moon, the last of the summer, another without you in my arms.  As with all other moons, whether full, new or any phase, you are now and will always remain in my dreams of  'Us': in my mind, my heart and my soul, in my fantasy world, in all aspects of my life.  You are the one constant, the one happy illusion. As I close my eyes, envision your beauty and gracefulness, dream of our perpetual togetherness, remember the times we were together, the kisses, so delicious, the touches so soft and gentle, your fragrance, so sweet, your laugh, so melodic, your beauty, unmatched by any other, I smile and sigh at the same time.  The smile for the memories and the hopes of what may yet come, the sigh because you're not here with me.  I miss you Babe, I miss you so, so much.  While we both say "I get it", I still wonder if you truly do know just how much I adore you and everything about you, all that you are to me, all that you mean to me.  I believe, with all my heart, with everything in my very being, that we are made of the same 'stardust', that we are Soulmates, that if given the chance, you would see we should be together, we are meant to be together to live out a remaining lifetime of happiness and blissful love that I believe only a handful of people ever get to experience.  Never have I felt so strongly, so passionately, about another person.  I Love You, truly do love YOU.  I can only hope that one day you will feel as I do, feel the connection is so strong, the love is so deep and the bond so unbreakable between us you'll see and know nothing or no one can come between us. We'll merge, meld, into the oneness with each other we both deserve, the true happiness flooding our souls, washing over us in a torrent of togetherness, happiness, peacefulness and true love.  Now that's a dream come true worth waiting for!

  I love hearing your voice each day even though it may be for only fifteen or twenty minutes.  The other day I was telling you of my fantasy dream of waking in the morning with the new day sun peeking through the window at you, your face aglow in the sunlight, fresh, beautiful, absolutely gorgeous.  You feel my touch, you smile, we exchange good mornings, we snuggle, cuddled up, holding onto each other until the very last second when we rise to greet the new day, more in love than we were the day before.  "Where are we?" you asked.  "In our little hideaway, our little house, our new home", I replied.  We laughed and sighed together.  The place could very well have been a beach condo while on vacation, a cabin in the mountains for a weekend getaway, a cozy conversion van on a road trip to destinations we've discussed before or any number of places.  Wherever and whenever is irrelevant, as long as we are together is all that matters.  I know you want this as much as I do but once again we are living our lives for others and their wants, not for ourselves and the happiness, the love we could share together.

"We Greet The New Day More In Love Than The Day Before"

  During our last conversation you made the comment "I can't do it to my family", 'it' meaning leaving and coming to me.  I understand, again I 'get it', I get you and that was my reply.  My love for you is so strong there is no way I would or could expect you to leave them or want you to hurt anyone close to you.  I am flattered that you, the most gorgeous, wonderful, kind, caring, graceful, sweet and sexy woman on the planet would actually take the time to even consider it, to ponder the question at all.  That you did warms my heart.  My intention in all of this is not to pressure you or force you into anything you're not ready for.  I am expressing my thoughts, my hopes, dreams, wants, needs and love for you here and will continue so you'll know what I feel is real, I truly do love you and everything about you and as I've said over and over just can't get enough of you, your company, your thoughts, all of you.  I also hope one day to hear you tell me of your total love for me as I have for you.  To have 'Us' happen sooner rather than later would be the best dream come true, Gorgeous, but if I must wait, I will.  Sweet and peaceful dreams, my Love.

"Everything Would Be Better Having You Next To Me" 

  62nd Night

"Our Piece of Heaven"


Sixty Second Night...


  "Our Piece of Heaven".  Do you have any idea just how much I wish that could be true, could be real, could be 'Us'?  A stairway to heaven:  as we stroll along hand in hand, climb each step to our dream, the perfect picture of our togetherness, happy and blissful is our life together.  A full moon-lit night,  a garden of flowers, trees in bloom, a cottage, warm and cozy with a front porch to watch the ocean as the sun sets and night falls.  If this isn't 'Us' then nothing on this planet fits who we are, who we should be.  We'd have to go to another part of the universe or into another dimension.  If it will be you and me together then that's where I want to be, wherever that may take us.  We are made of the same 'Stardust' and as such will always share a togetherness unlike any other we've ever experienced.

  You mentioned something the other night about "giving me another visual". Darling, there are so many I could share with you, such a host of fantasies of you and me together abound in my mind.  The one that stays with me the most is the one we have discussed on numerous occasions:  our little place together, a cottage or bungalow, a cozy home where love resides and peace thrives.  Everything in here, all furniture, all fixtures are made for two so we're never apart.  I dream it would go something like this:

   As dawn arrives we awaken in an embrace that lingers from a night of togetherness, of lovemaking, of total harmonious closeness that only we, as Soulmates, can ever know, no one can even come close to knowing how we feel about each other.  I gaze into your eyes, you smile, we kiss, we greet the new day happier than we were yesterday.  It's very early in the morning, we have no where we have to be, no schedule, no deadlines.  We hold each other closely, we cuddle, snuggle and greet the day as lovers should with a long, gentle kiss that leads to our first lovemaking session of the new day. There is nothing in this world, nothing I would rather do than make love with you to start my day, our day together.  After, we cuddle some more, soft caresses and light, gentle kisses enhance the pleasure of the afterglow of our lovemaking.  It truly is a beautiful morning.

"Good Morning, My Love"

  We rise and shower, have a light morning meal, dress for the beach and head out the door to spend a glorious day walking along the sandy shore, playing in the ocean, sunbathing and just being together.  Since our little cottage is within walking distance of the beach we head home after several hours in the hot sun to cool off and have a cold drink.  Of course, once we're inside we can't keep our hands off each other and enjoy another round of lovemaking, of oneness, of pure bliss. I love making love with you, I find myself that much more in love with you with every passing minute.  I adore you and everything about you, everything that you are, I can't get enough of you, your company, your conversation, your thoughts and dreams, your everything.

  Late afternoon arrives, we awaken from a short sleep after intense lovemaking.  The bathtub for two beckons us and although still daylight, we close the door, pull the shades so that it's very dim and light candles. We spend a luxurious and romantic hour or more relaxing, caressing, holding and kissing each other while exploring our inner selves, sharing why we should be together, stay together, bond together for eternity.  Now refreshed and dressed, we sit in our front porch swing, laughing, happy and so in love with each other and life, as we are now living it, is more fantastic than we thought we could possibly imagine. Yes, it really is heaven on earth because we are a loving couple.

  Shall we plan our evening? Should we head over to the local pub and grab dinner, a few drinks and dance for a few hours, all the while holding on to one another at a corner table and whispering secrets only the two of us can hear and understand?  Maybe we should just get take out, make a few drinks and spend the evening cuddling in front of the tv in our double recliner.  Or how about a quiet dinner in a small restaurant followed by a long walk along the shore as we reflect on how wonderful it is that we are together.  Whichever we choose will be terrific because we have each other.  And, as the evening ends well into the night, we get ready for bed, time to sleep, but not before we end our perfect day with more cuddling, kissing and lovemaking as we drift off with you in my arms, once again in an embrace of total harmonious closeness that only Soulmates can envision.  Tomorrow will be more of the same with the exception we'll be more in love than we are this day.  Sweet dreams, my Love.  Let me hold you forever.

 "Crescent Moon Lovers"

  As I was driving home on a clear, crisp night not long ago, the waxing crescent moon was low on the western horizon, bright, yet more yellow than white.  Although we mostly talk of dancing in the moonlight when it's a full moon, this one was truly beautiful and I wanted to share it with you so much.  Just know that while you may not have actually been there with me physically, you were there with me in my mind and in my soul.  I could feel you there with me, you're always in me, mind, heart and spirit. I know you would have loved to be able to see it with me, you may have seen it and if so, I hope I was with you, too.  So many wonderful sights to see and I want to see them with you, now and for all time.  Our day will come, my Darling Genuine Gorgeous Girl, I just know it will.

  63rd Night

"I Want To Hold You Close And Taste Your Sweet Kisses"


Sixty-Third Night...


  I find myself longing for you, pining for you, trying to wish you here with me, wanting you by my side forever.  No matter where I am, what I'm doing, who I'm with or when, I have you on my mind.  You are always with me, in my heart,  my very being.  I want you and me to never have to part.  If I see something exciting or interesting I want to share it with you.  I feel the urge to call you but of course cannot.  If I hear a love song it's always written about you or us, if I close my eyes I envision you and I dancing slowly to that wonderful music that so fits our being together.  Certain fragrances bring back memories of when we were able to embrace and kiss; I can almost taste your sweet kisses if I try hard enough but nothing, NOTHING that I can conjure up or fantasize about can replace the deliciousness of really kissing you long and gently, touching you, tasting you, breathing in your sweet scent, holding you close and just being with you.  I truly do love every second I'm with you because I love everything about you.

  The full 'Harvest Moon' was an eclipsed 'Blood Moon' and also a 'Super Moon'.  I stepped outside to watch the full lunar eclipse wanting to have you there with me, yearning for you so we could share this marvelous phenomenon of nature, you by my side, holding hands, hugging you tightly, stealing kisses and hearing you giggle in the cool, damp, late September evening. It was spectacular to see, having you there would have made it so much more amazing.  I wish we could have been together for it,  my dream is to have you there with me for the next one, whenever that may be.  It's this type of 'wonders of nature' I talked about wanting to share with you in '45', it's part of the whole package of sharing all that I am with you as you share yourself with me.  I know when our day comes it will be everything we both have ever wanted in a relationship and so, so much more.  I Love You so much, I can hardly wait for that day and how complete my life will be with you in it.

  Once again I want to tell you just how much I absolutely love to hear your voice everyday, I stop what I'm doing a few minutes before the time you usually call, anticipating hearing your sweet voice telling me how your day is going, what your plans are for the evening, everything you care to share with me for those fifteen to twenty minutes we can talk.  Those calls are the highlight of my day and it's another reason why I love you so much: that you take the time and want to talk to me makes me feel so alive, so much younger, so very happy.  I dream of the day our calls can be as long as we want but not as frequent because we can share ourselves in person together.  That fantasy, that dream of you and me together for all time is always with me, always in me and the anticipation of it really happening is an exciting, truly awesome feeling of love for you I've never experienced with anyone else. It's a feeling of euphoria, a natural high I get just from the thought of loving you and all that you are, all that we could share with the hope that you'll love me as much as I do you.  I miss you so much tonight, the nights seem to last forever without you. I'll close my eyes and see your beautiful face as I drift off to sleep, dreaming of you walking briskly, then running towards me, smiling, so happy as you rush into my arms for the rest of my life. I love you, Gorgeous. XO  

"So Happy Together, So In Love"

  64th Night

"Oh, How I Do Love Your Kisses"


Sixty-Fourth Night...


   Six weeks or so have passed since I have written to you, not because I didn't want to or had nothing to say but because I've been able to talk to you everyday and share the thoughts and dreams we both have of 'Us'.  I'll get to that later.

  Since the last 'Message' was written, I have seen you several times, not as often or for the length of time I'd like but still I have gotten a chance to see you.  On one of those occasions I was able to kiss you, briefly, but still your kiss is such a sweet treat, so soft, so delicious, so loving.  There were a few other times when, while others were near, we hugged briefly and I quickly kissed you on the cheek but to be able to hold you and kiss you long and passionately is once again a dream I fantasize over and over about coming true.  To be able to kiss the one person in the world I truly do adore is a feeling almost indescribable: sweet, tasty, delicious, yummy all are just words.  The actual kisses we share, while all of those sensations, are so delightfully fantastic, so scrumptious and so delectable I could add another to the basic tastes: the taste of  loving you.  Sweeter than the sweetest candy or sugar-based food I've ever placed in my mouth, your kiss is heavenly, angelic, the ambrosia I've been wanting my whole life.  I can hardly contain myself knowing the day will come when the time we spend holding each other, kissing, caressing, sharing soft spoken secrets, smiling because of our togetherness and making love will consume hours of our days together. What a truly marvelous thought of 'Us', my Love. 

  I saw you riding your bike one day and was able to sit in one of our favorite spots and have a conversation with you, touch your soft cheek and hands, look upon your beauty, feel your goodness as you talked to me, quickly kiss you goodbye.  Those moments are forever etched into my mind; while they may be only minutes in length, they stay with me always. Oh, how I love to spend time with you, how saddened I am when we must part company.  Everything I am I give to you, everything you are I absorb into my soul, my very being.  Truly happiness will reside in ourselves when we can become the loving couple we both long to be.

"We Meet And Share The Dreams of Our Togetherness"

  Once again I saw you, was able to spend time with you or at least I was in your presence in a crowd of people.  Others in our group were there too, I was able to gaze upon your gorgeous self for several hours, talk with you, watch you move through the room with the gracefulness that only you possess.  I love it when we can be in the same place and while it's not the perfect togetherness I dream of, I do get to see you and at times, covertly touch your hand, hear your voice, maybe even kiss your cheek as we hug hello or goodbye.  If only we could leave together at the end of the evening and go to our home, our life, our true love and happiness.

  I live for the time everyday when I get to hear your voice, your sharing of thoughts and dreams and get to share mine with you.  Every time the phone rings and I see it's you calling I still marvel, still find it unbelievable that it's you on the other end of the line.  It's you: so kind, good, caring, graceful, loving, stunningly gorgeous, so sexy, so everything I could or would want in a woman and you're calling me!  It's humbling, and I am so thankful you would want me in your life.

  My Darling, my hope, the dream I have every waking second is that our day will come so much sooner rather than later.  I know the logistics of it all will be difficult but to have you in my life everyday, to be able to look you in the eye and tell you I love you so much more than you could ever envision anyone loving you would complete my life and fulfill any emptiness you may have in yours.  Truly Soulmates are we, few get to share the oneness we can have together.  Sleep well, My Love.  I am here for you always.

  65th & 66th Night

"Merry Christmas, Darling"


Sixty-Fifth Night...


   Merry Christmas, Darling.  Another year has come and gone.  A lot has happened in this year, if I could pick the one most important thing, it would be you and I becoming so much more closer.  I so want to be able to spend this Christmas with you by my side.  But while we are still drawn to each other and have grown much more closer than last Christmas we still must spend the holiday season apart.  I do know in my heart you would also want to spend the time with me but there are so many others that need your attention, so many more that love you, too.  I would rather be alone with you and sharing hours upon hours together but I understand why we can't again this year.  Always in my mind, heart and spirit do I feel 'Our Day Will Come'.

  Since '64' was written, I have seen you several times, in a crowd of course, rarely alone.  To see you, wherever and whenever is a delight, your beauty and grace make you soar above all other women in the room.  When our eyes meet, I know you are feeling for me what I feel for you and that feeling is heavenly.  To talk to you everyday, when possible, is another delightful treat, one I never tire of when I see your number come up on the phone.  I do love your daily phone calls, your sweet voice and I adore your thoughts and dreams.

  I saw you today, we exchanged gifts.  Yours lovingly made with your own hands, mine, while store bought, did include a card of my own thoughts and dreams.  As I was reading the card to you I broke down;  I'm sorry to seem so sensitive but, my Love, I'm so very touched that you still consider me more than a friend, someone you'd like to spend much more time with.  I wish somehow I could travel back to the past and meet you so much more earlier in our lives so I could be there for you and we could share more and more time together.

  We shared a few minutes, we held each other tightly, enjoyed short, soft kisses so delicious and so sweet. I kissed your tasty lips, your forehead, the bridge of your nose, your cheek, your left hand, all to show my profound affection for you.  I wanted more, longed for more, yet we both know why it was to be the way it was and not because I didn't want to kiss you long and deep.  When next I see you I will kiss you twice as long and deep, hold you tighter still.  I can't wait for that day to come.

  Enjoy your time off, your time with family and friends.  Most of all, enjoy the dreams of 'Us', the thoughts of our togetherness that will one day became a reality. I love the thought of 'Us' my Love, because I love you and everything about you.  Sweet dreams, Gorgeous, may visions of our Christmas future dance in your head. XO.

"My Dream For Every Christmas"


Sixty-Sixth Night...


  Only two days since I've written '65'.  Everything I do, everything I see or hear, everything I dream involves you.  I saw you for a few minutes then, I can't get the sight of your beautiful self out of my mind nor can I get the thought of my tears, shed for not having you in my life so many years ago, and the way I showed you my true feelings.  How I miss you this night, how I want you, need you in my life but most of all how I love you and all that you are.  Christmas is three days away, this year a full moon, known as the Cold Moon or Long Night Moon, will grace the sky on Christmas night.  When I see it I will think and dream of you and where you are, what you're doing and try to wish you into my life forever. Good night, Gorgeous. XO


"Kiss Me By The Light Of The Christmas Moon"

  67th Night

"No Matter What The Weather, I Dream of Kissing You"


Sixty-Seventh Night...


  The weather has been extremely warm for this time of year with lots of rain, not just here but all over the country.  My wish of viewing the full moon did come true, the clouds parted just enough for me to view it for a minute, then it disappeared again for the rest of the night.  I laughed inside to keep from crying as I thought to myself "just like my Genuine Gorgeous Girl, I see her for a minute and then she's gone until the next fleeting moment we're able to have together".  It's disheartening but I'll take what I can get, no complaints, I love you too much and, of course, I know why and understand you. 

  Rain outside means more time inside, yet as I hear the sound of the falling rain on the roof, the swirling water traversing through the gutters and the swish of the cars passing by I have only one thought: I want to be kissing you.   I want to be holding you, tightly, as we kiss long and deep; in my dream we are walking in the rain because it is so warm, making a memory of 'Us', falling more and more in love with each passing cloud.  Day and night the rain softly falls and as I close my eyes you're in my arms, holding me tight and all is right with the world because you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you.  We walk in the rain and kiss, we return to our cottage to dry off and fall into each others arms, so in love, truly Soulmates and kiss some more.  I do love the fantasy of the two of us together no matter where we are.

  "I Dream The New Year Begins A New 'Us' "

  It's late once again, actually early New Year's Eve.  This time tomorrow night the new year will be one hour and three minutes old.  And once again, we won't be together.  I long for you, pine for you, my eyes well up with tears as before because I miss you so, I want you to be with me tonight, I've fallen in love with you so much more than I can put on this page.  And once again, while not alone physically, I am totally alone in my heart, my very being.  I stay positive, always optimistic that yes, "Our Day Will Come".  When it does, you'll wonder why you waited so long, how you could have put off for so long someone that loves you for who you are, loves you and everything about you, absolutely adores you, rain or shine, night or day, summer or winter, young or old, always and forever will I love you unconditionally.  Happy New Year, Gorgeous, accept as true this love and happiness, this wonder of 'Us' and all we can share.  Sweet dreams. XO.

"Happy New Year, Gorgeous"

  68th Night

"So Very Lonely Without You"

Sixty-Eighth Night...


  Another late (or early) night I sit and write:  it's 1:25 AM.  You'll be gone in the morning, away for a couple of weeks and I'm miserable already.  It's more than just the fact that you won't be calling me everyday.  Here lately I haven't had a chance to see you, not even for a few minutes.  It's just another reason for me to hate winter.   I want to see you, touch you, talk to you in person, hold you and kiss you but it's not happening right now.  My how I miss you!  I dream of how romantic winter could be if only I was with you.  Cozy warm days and nights inside, snuggled up with the most gorgeous woman in the world. Quiet walks in the new fallen and still falling snow, stopping occasionally to kiss the snowflakes from your lips.  How wonderful life would be if this were real and not the fantasy I so often find myself dreaming about.  

" Dreaming Of A Snow Kiss With You"

  I have 15 minutes a day to relate my thoughts to you and they don't always flow freely, I have so much on my mind when it comes to you I sometimes forget all I want to tell you.  I do know this: I adore you and everything about you, I can't get enough of you.  I want you in my life forever, I want you in my arms even longer than forever.  To hold you, kiss you, caress you, love you and all that you are will be a dream come true because, yes, "Our Day Will Come".  I must remain optimistic,  I have so much to share with you and you with me.  I write but the words cannot do justice to how I feel about you, how much I truly am in love with you and all that you are.  Be safe, my love.  Enjoy yourself but please know I miss you more than I can relate to you on this page.  Good night, Gorgeous.

"Missing My Genuine Gorgeous Girl"

  69th Night

"Will You Be My Valentine?"


Sixty-Ninth Night...


  It's Valentine's Day once again, another year has passed us by. I wished you a Happy Valentine's Day in '46'; this is what I wrote one year ago: 

  "..I cherish every memory I have of the times we've been able to be together, whether alone or with others; those times I held you in my arms and tasted your deliciously sweet kisses, while always too short, are burned into my soul, my very being.  As you've said, we're a perfect fit, I can think of no where else in the universe I'd rather be than with you and holding you in my arms...I know we can't be together this Valentine's Day but I want you to know you will be with me in my mind, my heart and my soul on this night as you are every second I exist.  Your beauty, kindness and goodness lives within me, my love for you growing stronger with every thought of you.  Our day will come, My Darling.  Happy Valentines Day, I do love you so, Gorgeous."

  Those words still ring so very true today with one exception:  my feelings, my love for you and all that you are is much stronger now than it was then.  My dreams of us, my fantasy of our togetherness, the hope I carry in my heart and the love for you in my soul is unwavering.  Such a wonderfully warm and peaceful sensation rushes over me whenever I think of 'Us' and all that we could be, all that we will be together.

  I wonder where you are this day, I haven't heard from you for a couple of days but of course I know why.  I know this sounds selfish but I hope you're thinking of me and how much fun we could have together on this day for lovers.  These are the times I miss you the most, the times I wish we were making our own memories instead of just dreaming about them.  Hold me! Kiss me! Love me! Forever and ever! Happy Valentine's Day, Gorgeous, be mine forever.

"A Valentine's Day Kiss For You, Gorgeous"

  70th Night

"I Miss Your Sweet, Soft Kisses"


Seventieth Night...


  I write this on Night 70, the last of this page. I find it hard to believe I haven't written anything to you since February but it's a fact.  I think of you constantly, dream of you always, talk with you often and have seen you several times but haven't put any of it on paper.  Now that summer is almost here I feel the need to let you know where I am, how I feel about you and 'Us' once again.

  One time, not so long ago, I asked if you saw what I had written lately and your response was you hadn't because you're afraid others may see you've been visiting the site and would cause you trouble. I believe it's because of this statement I've been lax about communicating with you here. I have been able to talk with you almost daily but that's ended too, for now. While I cherish every second I'm able to converse with you on the phone or talk with you in person the hard part now is not knowing when that will happen. I miss the routine of our daily talks but mostly I just miss you and all that you are, all the good you bring into my life.  It's now been over a week since I've heard your sweet voice, over two since I've seen your gorgeous little self in person.  I miss you, my Love, I miss you so, so much.

  I miss hearing your thoughts, dreams and ideas, not just about 'Us' but about everything you are, everything you want to be. I cherish the moments you tell me these dreams,  the rare times when you actually open up and share them with me.  I so want to be a part of everything you desire,  everything you want and need.   I want to be your everything, all things I can possibly be to you.  For that to happen, for now, will only happen in my fantasy world, I know, but I can feel it when we talk, 'it'  being how much you like talking with me, how you'd enjoy spending your time with me.  It's because of what you say and how you say it that I still believe, with all of my being, that "Our Day Will Come".  I long for that day in perpetuity.  I also long to hear those words you want to say to me but haven't yet, hunger for you to be close to me,  yearn to hear your whispered secrets you say you want me to hear one day when you open your heart, mind and soul fully to me.  

  I miss your company and everything we have in common.  Your intelligence about so many things, both earthly and spiritually make our conversations especially thought provoking.  I could spend hours just exploring your mind and all you have to offer me to make me whole, a better person.  You are that remarkable to me, an exceptional woman.  I truly do believe I have found my Soulmate in you, never should we be apart.

  I miss embracing your warm soft body, gently stroking your hair, lightly caressing your cheek, holding your tender hands.  As I've often said, if we were able to really be together you'd probably push me away eventually, tell me to give you some space because I'd constantly be holding on to you.  I'd always want to have some part of me touching you to let you know I am so in love with you and always will be.  

  I miss kissing you. It's been so long since we have kissed, yet I can still taste your sweetness, feel the softness of your lips and the passion you shared with me.  I want to kiss you every time I see you and I want them to be never ending, deeper, longer and more passionate than the kiss before this one even if it's only been a few seconds ago.  You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met and always will be, although I try I don't think I can put the words on this page to tell you how strongly I feel about how gorgeous you are.  You light up every room you enter and continue to do so until you leave.  How wonderful it would be if we were to leave that room together, go home and make love until we collapse, exhausted from the passion we've been wanting to share for so long. 

  It's been too long since our last phone conversation where we could really discuss what we want between us.  Oh how I wish my dreams of you and 'Us' will soon come true!  My hope as I finish this night is you are thinking about, needing, wanting and dreaming of me as I am you.  Sweet dreams, Gorgeous. 

"Missing You Like Never Before"

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