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Texts to You

From Me

(and a few you returned)

  Hello, Gorgeous.  You once said you wished you could re-read the texts I sent to you.  As always, your wish is my command:  I saved them over several months time.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did sending them.  I do love you so.  I'm always dreaming of you, always have you in my heart. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO.


1.  Gd morng angel. rain @ morng means 

sleeping in & cuddling w/ u in our cottage.  

I luv dreaming cuz dreaming can make u mine. 

1 of many songs written 4 us.  Mub. xo 

2.  I can taste ur sweet kisses.

XO. <3

3.  Gd morng Sweetness. 

Just thinking of ur beauty & goodness warms my heart.  

Wish u were here in my arms. Miss ur 

yummy kisses & soft touch,  Cant wait to cu. XO.

  4.  Gd morng beautiful.  

toy everyday truly does give me a natural high. 

Take me in ur arms, thrill me w/ all of ur charms.

Missing u my love. 1-4-3-x4. XO. <3 <3 <3

5.  Gd morng babe.  missed ur pretty little self this wkend.  

U were w/ me: mind, heart & spirit.  

Want u in my arms tasting ur kisses. Mmm. <3 

6.  Gd morng bright eyes.  toy as i hear these lyrics: 

just to see her, just to touch her, just to hold her in my arms again 

one more time...Miss u babe. XO. <3 

7.  Gd morng my gorgeous dream girl.  

Wish my dreams of u will come true, we'll share our cottage for 2 & our life 

together as 1, so happy & blissful. Mu babe. XO

8.  Gd morning beautiful (& yes u r) 

2 put knots in ur stomach not my intent.  

2 share my love w/ ur heart is. U+me = 

total happiness, love and is meant 2 be. Mub. XO

9.  Gd morng ur loveliness. Making cds last nite.  

So many songs r about u: ur beauty, goodness & all 

remind me why i 'fell for you'. Mub. XO. Nites r 4ever w/out u. 

10.  > U r such a romantic xo

< XO

11.  Gd mrng babe. So busy wishing i was 

w/ u & dreaming of u 4got 2 txt u yesterday. 

Aomm. Want you in my arms. Mub. XO 

12.  Gd morng sweetness. Closed eyes + my memories 

of u = missing our kissing. Cant wait to hold u once again 

(& for the rest of my life). Mub. XO 

13.  Gd morng luv. 

'hold me, thrill me, kiss me'. I'd love all 3 from u. 

Will settle for 1 of the 3 rotated per day, forever. 

U & me: our love meant to be. Mub. xo 

14.  Gd morng gorgeous. U will get this in 3 days. 

How wonderful to have those 3 days alone w/ u. 

'loving u is easy cause ur beautiful'.  Inside & out. mub so much xo

15.  > ***** TOY :)

Will do. Toy.

16.  Gd mrng dream angel. Spent a long wkend w/out u. 

Miss ur voice, ur laugh, ur touch, ur kiss. Need & want u too. 

Love the thought of all of them & u+me. Mub. XO. 

17.  Gd mrng pretty one. 'kiss me each morning for a million years'...

i'll settle for only 100 if it's u kissing me. Such a sweet thought. Mub. 1-4-3-x4. XO.

 18.  Gd mrng lovely lady. Our time together has been 

few & far between lately but my dreams of us are 

4ever constant: u r always w/ me. Mub. Luv need want u. XO.


19.  Gd mrng babe. Ur my soul (mate) 

& my hearts inspiration...without you 

baby what good am i? So true. 

U make me feel so alive, so good

inside, so happy. Mub. XO. 

20.  Hi baby doll.  When u walked in the building 

this morng all the other women/girls were wishing

 they were as gorgeous as u. None even come close. 

Mub. Luv u. XO 


21.  Gd mrng sweetness. Toy makes me smile. Seeing u makes my heart pound. 

Holding u makes me wish time will stand still. Kissing u is heavenly, pure bliss. 

Mub. XO 

22.  Gd mrng baby. My day will be brighter & my heart lighter  when i hear 

the sweetness in ur voice. Luv ur calls, ur words, ur dreams u share w/ me.


23.  Gd mrng beautiful. All my dreams are of u, all my hopes too. 

Toy & how i believe u are the one true ggg inside & out. 

'Just hold me baby, now & forever'. Mub xo

24.  I was wishing we were kissing, now i taste u on my lips. 

Ur kiss so sweet, such a treat. Dreams do come true, 

i was caressing u & adoring all u r too. MUB. XO

25.  Gd mrng Gorgeous.  Tgif. Cant wait til tom nite. 

Get to be near u for many hours. Another dream come true.  

If only it was the 1st of every nite 2gether 4ever. XO

26.  Gd mrng pretty baby.  

So nice to have a few hrs w/ ur gorgeous self sat nite. 

Sorry missed u sun, elated to talk to u later. 

Luv to hear ur voice. LUB. MUB. XO. 

27.  Gd mrng doll baby. a beautiful fall day: 

blue sky, red & gold trees & u in all ur 

gorgeousness makes it a glorious day! 

Hope to see you later.  


28.  Gd mrng gorgeous. Loved our time together. 

'its so nice to be w/ u, i love all the things u say & do'.  

Luv ur smile, thoughts & dreams u share. 

Luv & mub. XO. 

29.  Gd mrng Little darling. Like a beautiful flower, 

so fragrant & sweet, to be near u is such a treat.  

Soft to touch, i need u so much, now & 4ever. 


30.  Hi Baby. Toy in ur new black dress w/ ur mani-pedi, 

ur lovely face, ***** & how i hate i wont see u 

& hold u 2nite. I'll kiss & luv u in my dreams. XO. 

31. > xo.

  > just toy. xo.

  < me too. xo.

32.  I saw ur photo online, *****. 

A twinge of heartache i felt, i wasnt w/ u. 

Comments so true, ****** ur beauty too. 

If they only knew: I LUV U! XO

33.  Nite or day, work or play, all i do is dream of u. 

Hair so silky, lips so sweet, skin so soft, just to see u 

is a treat. But to hold u is a dream come true. XO. 

34.  Gd mrng gorgeous.  Rainy? Lets snuggle. Too windy? we'll cuddle. 

Weather no trouble, all days are clear & bright w/ u in my arms. 

Really mub. XO. 

35.  Hi luv, toy & wishing our dream of 'us' will come true. 

Aomm. Closed eyes i see u, opened i miss u. 

Cant wait for the time we are always together. 1+1=1. XO.

36.  Gd mrng angel eyes. Luv txtg 

u: keeps me thinking of new ways 

to let u know i adore u so. To 

carry u in my mind heart & soul 

w/ just 1 goal: u & me 4ever. XO. 

37.  Gd mrng sweet baby, tgif!  Fri is finally here. 

i get to see u, hug u, kiss u quickly (longer i hope) 

watch u dance & just be in the same room w/ u. Luv it! 


38.  Gd mrng your lovliness. 

So nice to see u fri nite. 

As i looked over the room 

the most gorgeous woman 

caught my eye: u! 

Luv to watch u dance. 

Luv u. Mub. XO.  

39.  Gd mrng beautiful.  Toy & wishing we could spend the day together while its still 

warm. can u play hooky & come w/ me for the day? How about tomorrow? Mub. XO. 

40.  Gd Mrng angel, u wonder if i'll always want to kiss u? 

I remember my life before i met u, cant imagine it now 

w/out u. Will always want u in my arms. Mub. XO 

41.  Hi baby, the thought of 'us' & 

'our day will come' may seem foreign 

to some but to me its a dream come true:

 me spending my life loving you (& u me). 

Mub. XO. 

42.  Gd mrng ggg, Rainy days i dream of cuddling w/ u. 

Just once i wish it could be true, that once would last forever, 

in my loving arms where u belong. 1-4-3x4. XO 

43.  Gd mrng sweetness. Toy.  The colder it gets the warmer we will be 

snuggling in our little cottage. Wishing i'm w/ u right now. Really mub. 

Want u in my arms. XO.

44.  Hi baby. Glad u get the rest of week off. 

Sad u cant call. Glad ill see u sat. 

Wish we could spend ur 5 days off together. 

Luv everything about u. Mub. XOXOXO.

45.  Gd mrng my gorgeous **** eyed flower blossom. U were stunning sat nite 

& full of goodness. I fell in love w/ u even more than i thought was possible. 

Mub. XO. 

46.  Gd mrng beautiful. Luv our talks, luv ur thoughts, luv hearing ur voice 

& everything u are. Want u in my arms, want ALL YOUR KISSES. 

Love u & miss u babe. XO.

47.  > I like dreaming

< Cause dreaming can make u mine. XO.

48.  Hi baby. Toy: 'i can dream about u, if i cant hold u tonite. 

I can dream about u, u know how to hold me just right'. 

We are a perfect fit. Love u & miss u. XO 

49.  Hi baby. Luv seeing ur # when u call. Luv hearing u call me baby. 

Luv u telling me ur hopes & dreams of us. To hear ur thoughts is my dream too. 

Luv u. Mub. XO. 

50.  Gd mrng ur gorgeousness. Look in the mirror & u will see the one i'll 

always love, need & want forever & ever. Luv ur beauty inside & out, luv ur heart. 

Mub. XO 


51.  Baby i am so sorry i couldnt talk longer. 

Please 4give me, Mub. Call Monday please. XO. 

No problem babe talk monday mu 


52.  Gd mrng angel. Dreaming of u all wkend. 

Wishing u were in my arms & tasting ur sweet kisses.

 Luv the thought of holding u. Mub. XO.

53.  > Gd morning babe call later hope u r feeling better

Ok. XO. 

54.  Gd mrng my luv. Hearing u tell me u miss me is 

the best medicine i could ever have been given. 

Need that boost, luv the feeling u give me. Adore u! 

Mub. XO. 

55.  Hi baby. Happy Wednesday. Mine would be 

very if i could spend it w/ ur beautiful little self. 

So soft, so warm, so sweet, so you! Mub. 

Need u in my arms. XO. 

56.  > You make me smile xo 


57.  Hey babe. Another beautiful day is here. 

How glorious if we could be together, the 

idea of ur gorgeous self in my arms makes 

my heart pound w/excitement! Mu xo

58.  >  Chg in plans no ***** 


59.  Hi angel. Sitting ****** pining for u & wishing u were in my arms. 

Had the afternoon gone as planned u would be w/ me in 2 mins: its 428pm. 

I miss u. XO 

60.  Hi darlin'. Toy. Thanx beach boys: 'my darlin ur so fine...

i dream about u often my pretty darlin...i love the way u soften my life.' 

so about u. Luv & miss u. XO 

61.  Hi baby. so nice to see ur stunning self sat nite. 

Wish it could have been longer but i'll take what i can get. 

U are a beauty. Want ur sweet kisses.

Mub. XO. 

62.  Gd mrng my luv, U tell me seeing me makes u 

want to go home w/ me: u soften my heart w/ ur words. 

I dream ur w/ me nightly. Make my dream come true. 

Mub. XO.

63.  Gd mrng gorgeous. U lift me up w/ ur thoughts of us. 

Luv the dream of having u in my arms & all ur sweet kisses. 

Luv u babe. Really missing u this nite.


64.  My Darling Genuine Gorgeous Girl, 

Merry Christmas Darling, we're apart that's true. 

But I can dream& in my dreams, I'm Christmasing with you.

Luv & miss u. XO 

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