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Texts to You


From Me

(and a few you returned)

Page 2

  Another year, another group of texts for you to re-read:  please enjoy them as much as I enjoyed sending them.  Miss you, Gorgeous. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

65.  Gd mrng to u sweet, beautiful baby!

So good to see ur gorgeous self the other nite.

I miss u so much! Can't wait to hear ur darling voice.

Want u in my arms. XO.

66.  Hi baby. Days now r crisp & sunny, nites r cold & clear. 

It no longer matters honey, i'll be warm when u r near.

Lets snuggle gorgeous. 1-4-3x4. Aomm. XO. 

67.  Gd mrng angel. Ur txt 'not working' makes me wonder if u r ok.

I hope so. Still cold, still want to cuddle w/ u in my arms,

kissing ur sweet lips. Mub. XO. 

68.  Hi sweetness. Looking forward to the day

when I can hold & Kiss u for hours & hours.

Never want to let go of ur beautiful self. Mub. XO. 

69.  Gd mrng my luv, Would be nice to meet after work

& go on a weekend getaway together. I can dream cant i?

Miss u, want to hold u tight, kiss u for hours. Mmm. XO.

70.  I stood & saw a rainbow form, & in my heart i felt so warm, 

i didnt wish for gold & fame, all my wishes are the same: 

to spend my life w/ love so true: only U! 

71.  Gd mrng gorgeous. I missed u so much i sent 

2 txts this mrng. Cant wait to hear ur sweet voice. 

Mub. XO. 

72I wish u a very relaxing & fun vacation. 

Too bad I cant go w/ u. I'll dream of u instead, 

envision ur beauty, hold u in my heart. 

Be safe, c u when u return. XO 

73.  Gd mrng gorgeous. I missed u so much! 

Cant wait to hear ur sweet voice. 

wishing u are in my arms & 

i am kissing ur delicious lips. 


74.  Hey babe!  Welcome back. 

Hope to hear from u if ur not too busy. 

Glad ur home. Mub. XO.

75.  Hi baby. such a treat to hear ur voice so sweet. 

Really missed ur daily call. Sure would be nice to see u! 

Mub. XO.

76.  Hello gorgeous. Toy all wknd, was hoping our paths would x. 

Miss ur smile, ur laugh, ur everything. 

Can hardly wait to hear from u tomorrow. 

Mub. XO.


77.  > Good morning good luck today

< Thanx. Ur the best! XO

78.  Hi babe. U went south & we got cold & snow. 

Now ur back & we have warm & sunshine. 

See? U are perfect! Hope to see u soon. 

Luv & miss u. XO.

79.  Gd mrng sweetness. Rainy & windy forecast. 

No worries, a good day to cuddle w/ my ggg. 

Every day will beautiful when i'm w/ you. Mub. XO.


80.  Hello beautiful. 

Another day another dream of u & me together. 

To hold & kiss u a sweet delight, a wonderful dream come true. 

Mub. XO.

81.  Hi babe. toy all day & nite. 

If thoughts of u were dollars id be a very rich man. 

Luv to dream of us. Mub. 1-4-3x4. XO.

82.  Gd mrng gorgeous. 

Rainy days & mondays always get me down. 

Then i think of u & it becomes a sunny friday, 

a happy thought of us together forever. Mub. XO.

83.  Hey baby! Maybe a snow day? 

if so our agenda: 


2.make luv 

3.Walk in snow 

4.repeat #2. 


6.#2 again 

7.Lots of XOs.  

I miss u so much. XO.

84.  Gd mrng Angel. 

The fantasy of us i continue to play over & over in my dreams. 

I hold u close as i give u my heart, i close my eyes & offer my soul. 

Take me! XO.

85.  Hello beautiful. 

Every day i hear ur voice, ur thoughts, ur dreams & wishes: 

that u share them w/ me reminds me how blessed i am to have u in my life. 

Mub. XO.

86.  :( Missed talking w/ u today. XO. 


86.1  Hi babe. Sorry i missed your call Always luv our talks. Luv u. XO.

87.  Gd mrng sweetness. 

To hold u, kiss u, love u: my valentine wish of perpetual togetherness & happiness. 

Our day will come. Mub. XO.

88.  Sittin on the side of the road waitin for my baby,

 hopin to see her beautiful smile. 

Sittin & waitin for my true love, wishin she'll stop & talk a while.


89.  Hi babe. Just came in, was out in the snow. 

Not as cold but way too icy to walk. 

A good reason to stay inside, kiss & cuddle. 

I luv dreaming of u. Mub. XO.

90.  Hello gorgeous. 

Luved hearing ur sweet voice & ur thoughts. 

Always such a pleasure knowing u, so beautiful & sweet, 

take the time to call me. Mub. XO. 

91.  Hi cuteness. 

U know what the highlite of my day was? 

Those 4 min & 40 secs u were on the phone. 

My life will be so wonderful w/ u always by my side. 

Mub. XO.

92.  Hi ggg, days r cold, nights colder, 

seems like 4ever since ive seen u. It has been 7 weeks. 

Miss ur kisses, hugs, warmth & holding u close.

Luv & mub. XO. 

93.  Hello beautiful. 

Toy & how much i'd luv to be w/ u, 

holding, kissing & loving u this full moon-lit nite. 

a dream come true: to be w/ u my perpetual wish. 

Mub XO 

94.  Gd mrng 'Bella Luna'. 

Gazing @ the full moon & dreaming of a marvelous moondance w/ u. 

Wanting u close to me. Kiss me under the silver moonlite. 


95.  Hi sweetness. 

To hear ur angelic voice such a treat, to see u in all ur lovliness 

a dream come true. Hoping to get to see u later, 

Totally MISSING YOU!!! 


96.  Hi gorgeous 

Out in a thunderstorm waiting for u, its getting late & ur not here.  

But its ok, i get this too, its the the thought of 'us' i hold so dear. 

Mub. XO.

97.  Hello your loveliness, 

as the wind howls & the temps drop, 

i dream of how wonderful life would be if u were here in my arms. 



98.  Gd mrng gorgeous.

 Should be a nice day, walk outside &

 it will be even more beautiful. 

the thought of u always brightens my day, 

i dream of 'Us' always.

  Mub. XO

99.  Hi sweet baby, 1st of march. 

spring around the corner means warmer & longer days. 

That i may get to see ur ggg little self more often lifts my spirits.

  Luv & mub.

100.  Hello beautiful. 

U were stunning last nite, so glad i got to see ur gorgeous little self. 

Gonna be a long day without hearing ur sweet voice.

Luv & mub.  XO.

101.  Gd mrng angel. 

anticipating hearing ur sweet voice & thoughts today. 

The only thing better will be seeing & holding ur pretty little self. 

Luv & mub.XO.

102. Hey there little cutie, gonna snow tonite? Lets cuddle. 

By wednesday 70 degrees, spring is getting closer but the nites will still be cool, lets snuggle. 

Mub XO

103.  Hi gorgeous. 3 days w/out hearing ur sweet voice seem much longer. 

Lets invent a way we can spend more time together. I want to be in ur company always. 

Mub XO

104.  Gd mrng angel. Should be warmer today, wanna play hooky w/ me? 

Any way we could spend the day together would be heavenly. I miss u so very, very much. 

Luv u. XO 

105.  Hey baby. Thought i might see u riding. 

Sorry i missed u, u were on my mind & in my heart (always a part of my soul). 

Maybe today. Miss u my love. XO.

106.  Hi gorgeous, 

'close ur eyes & i'll kiss u, tomorrow i'll miss u...

i'll pretend that i'm kissing the lips i am missing, 

& hope that my dreams will come true'. XO.

107.  Hello angel. Tgif. 

Can hardly wait to see ur gorgeous little self sat nite. 

If only it was the 1st of a lifetime of saturdays we could spend together. 

Mub. XO. 

108.  Hi babe. Gd mrng. 

Forgot to tell u:

 **** today in ****. 

So nice to see u sat nite. 

Plz call tomorrow. 

Luv u. XO. 

109.  Hi again baby. 

Just want to tell u even in ur ballcap & furry boots 

ur still the most gorgeous girl ive ever known. 

Yes, really. Talk soon. Mub. XO.

110.  Hello beautiful. 

Such a pleasant surprise to hear ur sweet voice yesterday, 

sorry i had to cut our talk short, 

u know how much i luv hearing from u.  Really mub.

111.  Gd mrng sweetness. 

To u it must seem silly, 

me planning my day around ur call, 

but i do.  To hold u is exciting, 

to kiss u a dream come true, 

to luv u, heaven XO

112.  My darling GGG, 

A chance to get out to catch a glimpse of ur gorgeous little self was, 

alas, to no avail, i missed u once again. I will forever keep trying. XO.

113.  Gd mrng Ur loveliness, tgif. 

Another friday & i'm dreaming of a glorious weekend spent w/ u. 

If only it were true, i'd be w/ my soulmate. Love & miss you. XOXO. 

114.  Hello gorgeous, 

saw a photo & video of u online. 

U were stunning & sounded angelic. 

Jealousy washed over me, i felt so left out. 

Want u in my arms forever. XO. 

115.  Hi babe. 

Toy as i view the moon, not quite full but shining brightly next to jupiter. 

I look up & am amazed as i stargaze, I'd rather be gazing in ur eyes. 

116.  Full moon tonite 

she shines brite does bella luna w/ her brilliant lite. 

I think & dream of u & i, & as i look up to the sky 

i know that 'us' is oh so right. 

117.  Hello gorgeous, 

such a treat to see u, so sweet. 

From your silky hair to your pedicured little feet 

the sight of u makes my heart skip a beat. 

Mub. XOXO.

  118.  Hi baby, 

toy & wishing we could spend more time together. 

Aomm. Call if u can. Mub. XO.

119.  "The Lovers II"

Oil on Canvas by Rene Magritte, 1928

* Hello Gorgeous, 

six texts from me, three replies from you, 

too much information for others to see. 

 Ask me sometime and I'll tell you what we said. XO

120.  Hello luv, 

I was out last nite hoping to catch site of ur pretty little self but didn't. 

Toy & ur sweet kisses. So yummy. Mub. XO.

121.  Hi beautiful, so nice to see u. 

As always u were the most gorgeous woman there. 

Watching u reaffirmed all the reasons I'm so in love w/ u. 

Mub. XO. 

122.  Hey baby, rainy morning? 

Lets call in & spend the day cuddling. 

Luv ur yummy kisses. Mub. XO.

123.  Gd mrng angel, sunny & warmer today. 

Wish i could spend it w/ u. 

Will have to imagine ur soft touch & delicious kisses. 

Mub. XO. 

124.  Hello sweetness. 

Toy & how long its been since ive held u in my arms. 

Missing u very much today. wish i was where u are. XO.

125.  Gd mrng gorgeous, 

another sunny day & i'm wishing i was spending it w/ u. 

I truly do like dreaming of u (& us). Mub. XO.

126.  Hello ur lovliness, 

'Its a beautiful morning, i think ill go outside for a while & just smile'. 

Toy & ur gorgeous smile. Wish i could see u right now. Mub. XO. 

127.  Hi babe. son nice to see u. Twice! 

So gorgeous u r, such a dream girl. 

Dreaming of us right now Mub. XO.

128.  gd mrng gorgeous, luv our talks. 

Luv ur thoughts. Luv ur heart. Luv u sharing ur dreams. 

Luv u. Our day will come. Mub. XO.

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